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What people are saying about Siine Writer

Tech Crunch
Think there’s only one way to type on your phone? Think again...  It takes a while to get used to Siine, but once you do you start seeing the potential of the app rather quickly. I suspect it could be a hit with the teen crowd.

The Guardian

The latest app looking to tweak the way we type is Siine Writer, which claims to be "the friendly keyboard". That means icons that act as typing shortcuts, which you can customise with the words and phrases that you use most often.


Siine Writer allows you to personalise the way you write on your smartphone.... Tapping just one key writes a whole phrase. For example, to write “When are we meeting?” you only need to tap one key, not 24.


Best Android apps this week: Add and edit shortcuts to pre-made phrases and words to speed up your messaging. You can also click on days of the week, a clockface and a calendar. Your favourites can be whatever nonsense words you use most everyday. (Like) boom son.


The folks over at Siine have decided to come up with a new keyboard called Siine Writer, that lets users write messages with more than just predictive text on the keyboard... It does look interesting and could possibly be faster than regular typing – if you use a lot of the words that can be written with signs.


If Swype is not doing it for you, a new keyboard app for Android called Siine could be something worth checking out.... The app comes with default icons preloaded, but apparently the beauty behind this app is its ability to customize the icons to something you’re more familiar with.”

Siine Writer packs innovative features and should make the typing on the go a more fun and appealing activity.

Geeky Gadgets

Spanish and UK based developer Siine has this week unveiled a radically different Icon based keyboard designed for mobile phones. The Siine Writer App for Android lets you easily personalise your text messages and save time in the process.

Gizmodo Brazil

O Android  tem um bom número de aplicativos para melhorar a experiência de digitação, tornando as coisas mais ágeis do que o famoso “catar milho”, letra por letra. O Siine é mais um desses aplicativos, e ele tem uma solução que parece elegante o suficiente para dar certo.


Simple comme bonjour!.. Il faut un temps d’adaptation pour se faire à ce nouveau mode de saisie mais une fois le fonctionnement assimilé il devient difficile de s’en passer.

As easy as pie.... You need some time to adapt to this new mode of writing but once you’ve got used to how it works it’s hard to do without it.


It looks very bonkers indeed.

Eurodroid article 


Bored of typing in one way with all those characters, and waiting for an interesting app to hit your android device. Here is answer, Siine introduces an amazing app for your android devices.  

Techno18 article

Zonkio DC

... an icon-based keyboard with a goal to speed up your ability to write txts and emails.

Zonkio DC article 

Android Buster

Pour les fans de texto, Siine Writer je vous propose un clavier très original basé sur des icônes que chaque utilisateur peut personnaliser en fonction de ses besoins.

For fans of texting, Siine Writer offers you a very original icon-based keyboard that is every user can adapt to his own needs.

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By tapping the various icons on the keyboard, users can quickly and easily form words and sentences without having to waste time typing them out letter by letter. Tapping the same Siines again gives you another way to say the same thing (so your messages don’t have to sound the same all the time)

Best References For Buyers article 


Unlike other apps, Siine Writer doesn’t use characters, but instead, it uses icons, and each icon represents a different phrase, so you’ll be able to type your text messages a lot faster with Siine Writer app.
Siviwebala article

Gadget Mech

Siine Writer is a interesting icon-based keyboard for android. It’s developed to help you input personalized message and save time.

Buck Tracy

Siine Writer packs innovative features and should make the typing on the go a more fun and appealing activity.

Pretty good concept no? Grab it for free today. article

Avec des applications de ce genre, bientôt la fin du langage SMS?

With apps like this, could it be the end of text language ? article 

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