Thursday, October 20, 2011

Siine Writer is looking for Pioneers

Siine Writer is the first icon-based touchscreen keyboard for Android. We have just released an updated free beta of Siine Writer (Pioneer edition).

We plan on releasing a commercial version in November and would like as many Pioneers as possible to check out the free beta before then. You can download the app on the Android Market by following this link:

Before the big release, we will be constantly updating the Pioneer Edition – so we can develop any idea you may have.

For instance, last week we were asked for Spanish and Portuguese version, and tomorrow (ssshhhh) we’re releasing a new version with accents, the Spanish ñ and the Portuguese ç.

We’ve had some great feedback so far and it has helped us to make Siine Writer even better. So by downloading Siine Writer you can help us shape the future of Siine.

To know more about Siine Writer go to

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