Thursday, October 6, 2011

Siine launches the iconic keyboard into beta

Siine Writer is a unique keyboard that makes touchscreen communication more personal, colorful, and fun.

Siine Writer contains not only a normal keyboard of letters and numbers, but also screens of special icons called Siines, which are tapped to build messages phrase-by-phrase.

These customizable typing icons can be tapped multiple times to “intensify” a phrase.

For example, one tap = kiss, two taps = kisses and three taps = big kiss        

Thanks to the Siines, everyday texting phrases like greetings, signoffs and talking about time can be easily tapped-out, and combined with regular typing.

The keyboard comes already set-up with useful Siines, which can be freely changed to suit any style of expression.  Users can also create their own Siines or even adopt new ones from a virtual gallery.  The result is an individual keyboard that is made-to-measure for the texting style of its owner. 

"Siine Writer is the keyboard as a communication interface, rather than a typing machine.  Siine Writer is designed to fit with our natural way of thinking-out messages, and also accommodate the colorful ways in which people play with language, slang, and expression. It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it!" said Siine Founder Ed Maklouf, who started the company after doing communication research at Stanford University.

The keyboard is the most used feature of the mobile device, particularly among the younger ‘text generation’ who tend to communicate more by chatting than by making calls. Many of these frequent texters feel that their mobile keyboard limits them, either by correcting and changing what they are trying to write, or by being fiddly and forcing them to shorten what they want to write in order to save time and tedium.

Initial research shows that it typically takes two days for a user to adapt to using Siine Writer, but that once they do sending messages becomes more personal and more fun. Over time, the software learns from a user’s typing to more effectively offer words that they frequently use, and better match their communication style.

Siine Writer Pioneer Edition is available in beta for version for 2.2 devices Android in English. Free download from Android Market.

About Siine Ltd

Siine (pronounced “sign”) is a start-up company based in London and Barcelona that makes every-day digital interfaces smarter and more user-friendly. It is made up of a team of experts and enthusiasts from academic, programming and design backgrounds.  The company’s mission is to improve the most-used interface on the planet – the keyboard interface – so that every-day messaging can become fun again.

Siine is a startup based in Barcelona and backed by Atomico, the venture capital firm founded by Niklas Zennström, who is best known for co-founding Skype. The company is currently exploring potential OEM deals for Siine Writer.

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