Monday, January 30, 2012

What people are saying about Siine Writer, part two

Wall Street Journal 

“There is another way. Rather than trying to be a keyboard for every occasion, Siine is designed for speedy instant messaging, when users often find themselves repeating the same phrase over and over again. Icons represent those repetitions. And it has a few other neat tricks such as a clock for easy entry of time information.”

Read the Wall Street Journal article here.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

What can you do with ten clicks on Siine Writer? A top 10.

We are all busy these days – but, as our mothers always told us, that’s no excuse for rudeness. And you know what? Our dear old mothers were right.

That’s why at Siine we don’t just put the emphasis on how quickly you can write with Siine Writer – although it is a quick way of writing messages – but on the quality of the messages themselves.

After all, it is very quick and easy to write “Yes. Thnx, CU.” But it might not leave a great impression with whoever receives it. It’s far better to write “Hello mate. Thank you very much. Call you as soon as I get a chance. Dave.” – especially if the new message takes the same amount of clicks to write as the first.

Monday, January 16, 2012

mEmoticons by Siine

People always say pet owners resemble their pets. In fact, its even been scientifically proven! Well today I decided to take that idea to the next level and create my own pet emoticons using Sine Writer’s new customizable emoticons feature.

I’m always using emoticons while texting, however one thing that has always annoyed me about them are their lack of personalization. Anytime I want to use an emoticon, I have to select from a wall of happy, crying, laughing little yellow faces that don’t really reflect my style, personality and frankly, just kind of generally bore me. Well now that has all changed thanks to a little help from Siine Writer.

Some Britney Siines for a Monday morning

This is how you do Siines...