Friday, January 27, 2012

What can you do with ten clicks on Siine Writer? A top 10.

We are all busy these days – but, as our mothers always told us, that’s no excuse for rudeness. And you know what? Our dear old mothers were right.

That’s why at Siine we don’t just put the emphasis on how quickly you can write with Siine Writer – although it is a quick way of writing messages – but on the quality of the messages themselves.

After all, it is very quick and easy to write “Yes. Thnx, CU.” But it might not leave a great impression with whoever receives it. It’s far better to write “Hello mate. Thank you very much. Call you as soon as I get a chance. Dave.” – especially if the new message takes the same amount of clicks to write as the first.

That’s what Siine Writer is all about: personal messages with a small amount of clicks. That’s why we call it “the social keyboard”. For example, the longer message above takes just 14 clicks to write on Siine Writer. 

This is thanks to special icons – Siines – which write different words and phrases depending on the amount of time the user taps them. To write “Call you as soon as I get a chance” you just need to tap the “call you” icons three times, which saves a hell of a lot of effort.

This, in itself, would be pretty useful. But what happens if you say “howdy” instead of “hello”? No problem: you can edit every Siine – and even make your own – so they say exactly what you want them to say, not what we think you should say.

To illustrate how Siine Writer works, we thought it would be helpful to put together a top 10 of messages you can write in 10 clicks or fewer using Siine Writer. Bear in mind, these are all using the Siines that Siine Writer comes with – the only one I’ve edited is my name: Ben.

Top 10 Messages

1.    Sorry can’t talk – working my ass off, call you as soon as I get a chance
2.    Hello mate, what are you up to? call me .
3.    Hey homegirl Do you need me to bring anything?  Kiss, Ben
4.    Yo dude on my way be there at 9:45-ish
5.    Hi man, How’s everything? Happy 2012!!!
6.    What the hell are you talking about? ; Give me a call.
7.    Hello I’m in a meeting. Let’s talk January 28th
8.    I’m OK thanks :) kiss kiss Ben
9.    good luck man, and don’t forget, Força Barça!
10.    Hi let’s catch up this afternoon.

If you’re wondering how to do this, here’s the list below, with clicks listed in brackets. (> indicates a click towards another screen).

(1>stress) Sorry (1) can’t talk (1) – working my ass off (3), (1) call you as soon as I get a chance (3)
(1>Hi) Hello (1) mate (2), (1) what are you up to? (1) (1>stress) call me (2). (1)
(1>Hi) Hey (1) homegirl (2) (1>bye) Do you need me to bring anything? (2) Kiss, (1) Ben (1)
(1>Hi) Yo (1) dude (1) (1>stress) on my way (1) be there (1) at (1) 9:45-ish (3)
(1>Hi) Hi (2) man (2), (1) How’s everything? (2) Happy 2012!!! (2)
(1>emoticons) What the hell are you talking about? (3) ;) (1) (1>stress) Give me a call (3). (1)
(1>Hi) Hello (1) (1>stress) I’m (1) in a meeting (1). (1) Let’s talk (2) (>date) January 28th (1)
I’m (1) OK (1) thanks (1) (1> emoticons) :) (1) kiss kiss (2) (1>bye) Ben (1)
(1>bye) good luck (1) (1>Hi) man (1), (1) (1>bye) and (1) don’t forget (2), (1) Força Barça!
(1>Hi) Hi (2) (1> stress) let’s catch up (2) (1>days) this (1) afternoon (1). (1)

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