Monday, January 16, 2012

mEmoticons by Siine

People always say pet owners resemble their pets. In fact, its even been scientifically proven! Well today I decided to take that idea to the next level and create my own pet emoticons using Sine Writer’s new customizable emoticons feature.

I’m always using emoticons while texting, however one thing that has always annoyed me about them are their lack of personalization. Anytime I want to use an emoticon, I have to select from a wall of happy, crying, laughing little yellow faces that don’t really reflect my style, personality and frankly, just kind of generally bore me. Well now that has all changed thanks to a little help from Siine Writer.

Siine eMoticons

vs. Traditional Emoticons

Siine’s latest version of their keyboard app now allows you to personalize your emoticons with photos and text. I’m a dog lover so naturally I decided to create emoticons with my favorite dog photos. It was super-fast and easy to do right from my phone, and now every time I want to send an emoticon I have my favorite dog photos to pick from.

Check it out for yourself! After you’ve downloaded and installed Siine Writer, it’s easy to create your own personalized emoticons by following these steps:
1.  Take a photo with your mobile phone or download one off the web. (Tip: Better to chose close-up images or crop them using a photo app tool. You can also try downloading and editing images on your computer and then sending to your phone.)
2.  Go to the emoticon screen on your Siine keyboard.
3. Press and hold down on one of the emoticons. A menu will appear asking if you want to Remove, Edit, Create or Get.  Click Create.
4. Create your emoticon by selecting a photo, name and text. 
5. Hit Save and your emoticon should now appear on your keyboard.

If you create a cool set of emoticons be sure to email us a photo or send the images to Be sure to stay up to date on new features at Facebook or Twitter!


  1. if I had to choose a favourite, it would be between "shock" and "smile". they're both a bit Scooby Do.

  2. haha - thanks for shocked i debated for long time between this one as well...

  3. That dog's looking pretty ruff...