Thursday, October 27, 2011

Siine Writer Q & As

How do I install Siine Writer?

It’s easy:

·                  download Siine Writer from Android Market (it’s free!),

·                  activate it

·                  enable it as your pre-defined keyboard.

·                  You may get a default note in your Android phone setting warning that Siine Writer could be used to collect personal data. If you do – don’t worry: Siine will NEVER store or use your personal data unless you SPECIFICALLY allow us to.

How can I get started on Siine Writer?

This video will show you the basics:

It includes punctuation; numbers; CAPS and Sexy Delete.

After that we recommend you create a “Me” Siine, giving you an automatic sign off for your texts.

·                  To do it, tap the green hand icon on the bottom of your screen twice. This takes you to the Hello screen.

·                  Hold down the red “Me” icon on the bottom left.

·                  Tap “edit”.

·                  Now write in the four boxes what you want the icon to be called and what you want it to write when you tap it one, two or three times.

·                  When you’re done, hit “save”. And that’s it.

Why is Siine Writer useful for me?

Suppose you’re in a meeting or running late and need to write a message really quickly: Siine Writer has a screen just for that.

This video - - will show you how to use it.

It’s the Stress Message Screen and is full of icons that writes things like “running a bit late”; “in a meeting” and “very sorry”, so you can send a message that is polite and friendly in just a few clicks.

What is Sexy Delete?

Sexy Delete is a new way to delete that is far cooler than any other way – and pretty quick too. You can see it in action here: Just wiggle your finger on the delete key to Sexy Delete.

How do I edit Siines or adopt new ones?

It’s easy – and fun too. This video explains all:

·                  Hold down a Siine - four options will appear: “Remove”, “Edit”, “Create Siine” or “Adopt Siine”.

·                  “Remove” is simple

·                  “Edit” lets you change what the Siine writes

·                  “Create Siine” allows you to make your own Siine, complete with picture and text

·                  “Adopt Siine” takes you to the virtual gallery, where you can adopt Siines from other users.

How do I write accents or letters like ñ and ç on Siine Writer?

This is a new feature we’ve just introduced on the latest version of Siine Writer – available for free from Android Market. A lot of people told us they wanted to use Siine Writer in languages other than English – Spanish, French and Portuguese were particularly popular – so we introduced new accents and other letters. To write an accent or other symbol like “ñ” just hold down the “e”, “u”, “i”, “a”, “c” or “n” keys on Siine Writer and then choose the accented letter you want to write by tapping on it.

How can I try Siine Writer?

We are looking for beta testers right now. We would love you to download Siine Writer from Android Market – it’s free – and tell us what you think. We welcome all feedback and we will act on it – for example we recently introduced accents after feedback from users. Plus as a Siine Pioneer you will always get the best possible treatment from us – for life.

Why doesn’t Siine Writer work in landscape mode?

It will very soon! We promise! And it will look great.

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