Friday, October 21, 2011

Accents open Siine Writer to new languages

Siine today releases an update to its innovative Siine Writer beta keyboard including accents, “ç”, “ñ” and more – following feedback from users around the world...

The update, which is available for free from Android Market, allows Spanish speakers  to enjoy the most unique touchscreen keyboard available.

To access the new symbols, just hold down the “e”, “u”, “i”, “a”, “c” or “n” keys on Siine Writer and then choose the accented letter you want to write by tapping on it. Simple.
The release of the new edition follows the beta launch of Siine Writer in English earlier this month. Siine Writer is the first touchscreen keyboard that the user can edit and personalize, making communication more instinctive and individual.

Siine invited early users to give them feedback on what they wanted from Siine Writer, with strong demand for versions in different languages.

“We’ve always said we wanted users to tell us what they thought about Siine Writer, so we could improve Siine Writer and make it even better for them,” said Siine CEO Ed Maklouf. “What came through very strongly this time was that people wanted to be able to use Siine Writer with accents for their languages".

Siine Writer is set to fully launch next month.

What people are saying about Siine Writer

Tech Crunch: “Think there’s only one way to type on your phone? Think again...  It takes a while to get used to Siine, but once you do you start seeing the potential of the app rather quickly. I suspect it could be a hit with the teen crowd.”

The Guardian: “The latest app looking to tweak the way we type is Siine Writer, which claims to be ‘the friendly keyboard’. That means icons that act as typing shortcuts, which you can customise with the words and phrases that you use most often.”

CNN: “Siine Writer allows you to personalise the way you write on your smartphone.... Tapping just one key writes a whole phrase. For example, to write ‘When are we meeting?’ you only need to tap one key, not 24.”

Uberphones: “The beauty behind this app is its ability to customize the icons to something you’re more familiar with.” “Siine Writer packs innovative features and should make the typing on the go a more fun and appealing activity.”

About Siine

Siine (pronounced “sign”) is a start-up company based in London and Barcelona that makes every-day digital interfaces smarter and more user-friendly. It is made up of a team of experts and enthusiasts from academic, programming and design backgrounds.  The company’s mission is to improve the most-used interface on the planet – the keyboard interface – so that every-day messaging can become fun again.

Siine is a startup based in Barcelona and backed by Atomico, the venture capital firm founded by Niklas Zennström, who is best known for co-founding Skype. The company is currently exploring potential OEM deals for Siine Writer.

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