Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Siine Writer Tablet Edition released exclusively to Samsung Apps

Siine, the company behind the world’s first ‘tone text ’ service, has today released the Tablet Edition of its innovative Siine Writer keyboard through Samsung Apps.

The Tablet Edition includes all the features that have made Siine Writer a hit among Android phone users – editable icons, intelligent text and bespoke screens for different types of communication – as well as a number of important upgrades.

”Siine is very pleased with this announcement which shows the market interest for new and innovative ways to empower users.

"Indeed, Siine enables phones and tablet users to personalize their keyboard visually and functionally. Each individual ends up in just few minutes with their very own keyboard, their own version of Siine! We believe this exclusivity with Samsung, the world’s biggest smartphone vendor, will greatly boost the visibility of the social dimension of input method,” said Siine VP of Sales and Business Development Raphael Vergnaud.

Siine Writer is the first application to be released by Siine, a London / Barcelona-based start- up that has backing from Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström.

A version for Android smartphones was released on Samsung Apps last month.

Siine Writer is now available on Samsung Apps for HVGA, WSVGA and WXGA/HD devices. The application is available worldwide.

What is Siine Writer?

As well as all the powerful features you would expect of a world-class keyboard (auto-complete, autocorrect etc.), Siine Writer includes special adaptable icons called Siines, which allow users to build messages one sentence at a time.

Siines change their meaning depending on the number of times the user taps them. For example: one tap = running late; two taps = running a bit late; and three taps = running very late. Users can edit and create Siines or even adopt them from other users via a virtual gallery.

Siine Writer also features special, adaptable screens to help in every-day texting situations, like saying hello and good bye or setting up appointments at specific times and dates, in a completely original yet natural way.

About Siine

Siine (pronounced “sign”) is a start-up company based in London and Barcelona that makes every-day digital interfaces smarter and more user-friendly. It is made up of a team of experts and enthusiasts from academic, programming and design backgrounds. The company’s mission is to improve the most-used interface on the planet – the keyboard interface – so that every-day messaging can become fun again.

Siine is a startup based in Barcelona and backed by Atomico, the venture capital firm founded by Niklas Zennström, who is best known for co-founding Skype.

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