Monday, December 19, 2011

The Poke Siines - some of our favourites

Siine Writer has teamed up with premiere comedy web site to produce a series of special “excuse” Siines.
The Siines, which are included in the latest update to Siine Writer, provide the perfect excuse for all kinds of social mishaps, from missing a meeting to forgetting somebody’s birthday.
Some of our favourite excuses include:

“I was going to feed you some excuse about forgetting our meeting but frankly you're too fat to be fed anything.”
“I would like to come. The spirit is willing but, alas, the mind, the body, the molecular structure, the general attitude - all of those guys really don't give a shit.”

“I forgot your birthday on purpose because I want you to feel younger.”

“I can't leave the house. My fingers have got stuck in the keybao138399a9a998d98ndjonvnuos.”

“I'm sorry - I'm so busy I don't even have the time to fini-”

“I can't leave the house until I've got the lipstick off my neighbour's dog.”

Charming eh?

In total there are eight “excuse” Siines. Each Siine expresses three different meanings, giving 24 excuses in total, which should be more than enough, even for the most disorganised. Let us know your favourites.
The Poke, incidentally, is the fastest growing humour site in the UK, with more than 650,000 unique users and 3 million page impressions per month.

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