Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is Siine Writer anyway?

So what is Siine Writer? And why are we so excited about it?

It’s a good question: for us the answer lies somewhere between “a touchscreen keyboard” and “the future of texting”.

“A touchscreen keyboard” – because that is what, fundamentally, Siine Writer is. Download it here (Android 2.2 and above, other phones coming soon) and you can use it for anything you might use your normal keyboard for: texting, emailing, accessing the internet etc.

“The future of texting” - well that’s a touch more difficult to explain.

You see, the introduction of picture messaging aside, texting hasn’t really evolved since it first came into widespread use in the late Nineties. Which is strange, considering how quickly the world has moved on since then and how incredibly popular texting is.

We think Siine Writer is that evolution. It’s more personal to use then other keyboards and – dare we say it? – more fun.

How so? Well, we’ve introduced a number of new innovations based on how humans actually communicate and use devices, effectively building a keyboard around human needs, rather than forcing humans to conform to technology.

Most of these innovations are, on the face of it, pretty simple: we’ve introduced double letter keys for W/Q and X/Z and we’ve got rid of the shift key (you don’t need it – just hold down a letter to make a capital). This means the other letters are bigger and gives your fingers more space.

We have also introduced bespoke screens specially adapted for use in different situations: saying hello, saying goodbye, making plans / writing about time, expressing how you’re feeling and writing messages under stress.

Consider the Time Screens. We write about time all the time. I would say that about half of all the texts I write involve some kind of expression of time, from arranging to meet to saying that I might be a bit late.

So why is it so difficult? OK - we’re not talking schlepping up Everest difficult but particularly writing dates can be a pain.

With Siine Writer, though, things are different: The Clock Screen, for example, looks like a clock: tap on the numbers or swipe around the clock face to quickly get the time you need. And the Calendar Screen looks like a calendar. Tap any date to write it – and then tap it again to change the format.

Then there are Siines. Siines are easy-to-recognise icons that work as typing shortcuts. What makes them different is that Siines change meaning when you tap on them again. So, for example, the Siine for “Kiss” (it’s a big, smudgy lipstick print – you won’t miss it) writes “Kiss” if you tap it once; “Kisses” if you tap it twice and “Big Kiss” if you tap it three times. The Siine for “Love” expresses “Love”, “Lots of love” and “Love to all”. And so on.

There are lots of Siines. But the beauty of it is that you can create your own Siines and then share them with other users. We don’t know how you speak, after all, and we don’t pretend to know.

This is what we mean when we say that Siine Writer adapts to your needs. It is all about you, your friends and how you communicate.

Siine Writer should be your Siine Writer, with your Siines and your personality. And that’s why we call it the future of texting.

This is just the start, though. There are lots more features – give them a a go then send us an email get in touch. to let us know how you got on.

One final thing: my favourite feature – Sexy Delete. Just wiggle your finger suggestively on the delete key for Sexy Delete. It’s quick, fun and, well, sexy. Try it.

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  1. It's funny that texting has been so static ever since being introduced. Maybe that's because it really took the tech industries by surprise and no one expected it to take off.

    Even now, I don't think most mobile companies realise how much we like texting. Didn't the first iPhone not even allow SMS, as Steve Jobs thought we wouldn't want it? Well, consumers did want it and to be fair to Apple they changed.

    As for Siine Writer, I like the idea of going beyond the endless, boring race to be faster and instead getting into the idea of better.