Friday, September 23, 2011

The Siines they are a-changing

Yesterday saw us release some cool new features for Siine Writer Pioneer Edition.

I’d like to say we celebrated by going out for cocktails but we contented ourselves by updating the Android Market page – you can see it here if you’re interested.

So what’s changed?

We’ve improved the designs of the Siines, for a start, to look cooler, sharper and more streamlined. Here are three of the new ones.

be there

We’ve also introduced some cool new Siines like “man” (for man / mate – essential for our British users), “girl” (for girl / homegirl / pretty) and “sweetie” (for sweetie / my love / darling).

In fact the Greetings and Stress Message Screens are pretty much transformed: you can now say “one my way there now be there as soon as I can” in just four taps of the screen; “Hey Dude How are you? Can You Talk?” in four or “Hi my darling, I’ll be there as soon as I can, Big kiss, Josh. (Do you need me to bring anything?)” in eight. 

We think these are all pretty cool – but don’t forget, they are just there to start you off. If you don’t use the word “homegirl” just delete it and add in your own word instead.

Or you can make your own completely new Siines, with your pictures and your text.

If you do – make sure you send them in to us. We want to see all your best Siines and we can then send them on to other users.

We hope you will agree that these changes make Siine Writer even more fun to use. Let us know what you think at

But they won’t be the last updates. So please let us know what you think we should do to improve Siine Writer. We appreciate all your comments.

If you do want to download the new features you can do so from Android Market here

It’s important to remember you don’t have to uninstall your current version of Siine Writer beforehand. If you do, you will lose all the changes you have made.

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