Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Between "WTF" and "profoundly important"

There aren’t that many things that are both “profoundly important” and “WTF” but we are pleased to announce that Siine Writer is among them – at least according to our feedback.

We are, of course, very pleased to get any feedback – it genuinely helps us to improve Siine Writer.

But these two comments about Siine Writer – the first from project management consultant Dr James Bayley and the second from Android Police - really pleased us.

Because aren’t so many great innovations that way? The first time you see them the reaction is often “What the f#ck?” – this is something really different – then, with time, you start to realise just how important they could be.

Consider, for example, L'Arrivée d'un Train en Gare de La Ciotat, a French black-and-white silent documentary film from 1895.

When it was first shown – it features a train pulling into a French train station - audiences apparently were so scared they rushed to the back of the room.

You might think that was an inauspicious start, maybe, but it certainly didn’t do the cinema any harm.
So we at Siine are very happy to be both “WTF” and “profoundly important”.

And here’s some more feedback to celebrate that.

“Works perfectly and I can already put messages together much faster. I can see this is going to be a must have for all my future Droid devices.”

“Love this app. Takes some getting used to (& customizing), but then it works like a charm.”

“Cool and refreshing to have a new way of writing...roll on the support for landscape mode!”

“Loved the concept, the simple messaging angle is very, very powerful.”

“Exploring the features and use of the siine writer on my android device..... very simple and easy to use.”


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